smileCleaning out your closet can be annoying and a lot of work. Yeah, I know! Especially if you have a lot of things like myself on top of having a tiny closet but I’m here to tell you that it’s not so bad. For starters make sure your space is clean or your bed is made at least, blast some music on your speaker, give yourself pep talks throughout the process, and stay hydrated. I promise if you follow these steps you’ll be just fine and you’ll be done cleaning out your closet in no time. Make sure you eat something as well.tongue-out

You’re probably thinking, “UGH, do I really want to do this? Or even read this long ass post?” And the answer is YES! Do it. Don’t think twice, just go. I knew I would feel so much better once it was all done because it’s honestly something that I’ve avoided for so long. I clean my closet here and there but there’s always been a need for a real deep cleaning and I finally decided to go for it. I decided to make room for more; more creativity with the things that are meant to stay and more room for the new things that will slowly but surely come. I had to keep reminding myself this so that I could keep going and get it done.   

The same principles that I apply in my life and coaching services I used here and it helped tremendosuly. Sometimes I get so frustrated with the size of my closet and the amount of things that I own that I really put off the deep cleans and decluttering and choose to just make the best of it as is, but then I thought why not challenge myself to do more than a mediocre clean and really see how I can make this a healthy space in my home. Because the crazy thing is clutter drives me up a wall! The house stays spotless but I just rarely go past the surface in my closet. I knew I needed to get rid of a lot things and pieces that no longer served me and the woman that I am becoming. It was time. I had a desire to really feel free in my closet the way I feel free in other areas of my home and my life. I no longer wanted to just close the closet door and avoid the way things were deep off on the inside. I had to stop running and I had to make a move! And if you’re ready too read through the detailed steps below…..

 I’ll walk through them with you.. TAKE YOUR TIME!


Start by decluttering! One drawer at a time, take everything out and began your organizing by making piles for your tops, bottoms, fall/winters pieces, and pieces you no longer want. Try not to do a “maybe” pile because then this may result in you taking up unnecessary space in your wardrobe all because you don’t want to let go. If you find yourself stuck on a piece as you’re sorting, think thoroughly on it. Does it match my current life and style? Is it a good quality piece? What can I do with it? These are questions to consider but try to go with your first gut. You felt what you felt for a reason more than likely. 


Once all drawers are cleared and pieces are sorted, head over to the closet and remove things out from front to back. Do the same thing here that you did with your drawers by putting each item in it’s appropriate pile. Once all of the clothing is removed from your closet, start organizing your shoes. Put shoes in it’s appropriate boxes and organize the boxes and shoes by style making the ones for the current season easily accessible. Please do yourself a favor and get rid of raggedy shoe boxes and shoe boxes that are not needed. 

And yeah I know,  this may be where you are really starting to feel overwhelmed! Clothes are everywhere, shoe boxes are falling on your head, and your hats and other accessories are probably staring at you too lol. Stay focused and keep reminding yourself of the end goal and result. Continue working on the shoes, your hats, handbags, and other accessories. Make sure you try to coordinate these by style, color and season too. 


Once this is complete, start moving things that are going away out (boxes, clothes, and other miscellaneous items). Move these items into your hallway or somewhere very near but out of sight. This will get things out of your way since they no longer serve a purpose in your space and it’ll ease your mind a little as you finish up your spring closet-clean out. As you’re putting them out make sure you’re doing it neatly and prepping the items to be placed in your car, for pick up, or whatever the case maybe. DON’T LEAVE THEM AROUND!


Now you may have a lot of clothes waiting on you but you’re halfway there. Your hangers should be close by waiting to be used and your piles should be itemized and ready to go. Go through each pile one at a time and start hanging the pieces up by color. Be nice and hang them up neatly and make sure your hangers match and are in good shape. If this helps, I did a section in my closet for bottoms organizing them by denims, pants, and skirts. I also did a section for blazers, blouses, outerwear, dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers. THESE WERE ALL COLOR COORDINATED. While you’re in the piles hanging things up, be sure to put foldables to the side so that they can be folded and placed in the drawers once you get back there.


The fall/winter pile should folded and placed into bins to be stored away for next season. Now you can get back to the drawers. For my drawers I separated things by basics, gym/sleep wear, foldable blouses, and I made a drawer for other foldable prints and all around cute pieces. Of course I have my drawer for my intimates and then I utilize one of them for my jewelry. I don’t care for having a lot of things out and visible. Once you’ve folded the foldable items and placed them in the drawers you should be good to go.

All you have to do now is get rid of the things that are going away. Luckily I had sheets in my closet that I wanted to get rid of so I spread the sheets out and was able to put the items I no longer wanted inside and tied the sheets up. Empty shoe boxes were tossed and the sheets with clothes inside are on the way to family, friends, and other organizations.

It’s a wrap now… You and your closet should feel free! Let’s try to keep this up! Once I got here and vacuumed my floors I truly felt like a new woman! I’m like wow being well dressed is one thing (which is my lane) but when your closet is well organized you’re really winning. LOL!


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