Do you find yourself excessively scrolling online then becoming disturbed because your favorite online person has done it again? They’ve showcased another “highlight” of their lives not to make you feel uncomfortable but yet that’s exactly how you feel? The angle, the light, the caption, the engagement, the success story and everything’s just right? You start the comparison or obsession game then…


boom there’s another highlight and another and another and maybe another person showcasing their ugly truths but even their confidence and courage to do so makes you feel uncomfortable because you don’t have the confidence or courage to do it. You’re unfriending to friend again, muting, and unmuting, “taking a break” but… still stalking lol I’ve heard and seen it all. It can even begin to feel like you’re taking work home right? You’re thinking about people from your online community even when you’re not online or how you want to show up. That’s the power of impact and influence rather it be good or bad. Social Media gets tricky so I encourage everyone to use it with caution. There are frauds out there and then there are some of us who genuinely enjoy sharing and connecting authentically to the online world how we can. Social Media is growing rapidly and is a great tool to stay connected, inspired, to market, and network so it is absolutely not all bad. However, the overload of information can do more bad than good if you’re not intentional with how you use it. It is devastating to see individuals suffering due to the use of the online spaces and If you find yourself becoming disturbed be real with yourself and take action. So many are suffering from anxiety and depression all from what they perceive to be too good for them or out of their reach. And for some it’s simply due to perfectionism or envious spirits. Either way my advice to my coaching clients is always this, “You’re anxious, not incapable.”


Oh, and because I am also human I have to constantly hold myself accountable for any negativity that may try to creep up in my mind. I have to quickly take control and remember that I and you too are fully capable of being all that we wish to become and we are capable of having all that we wish to have on and offline. This is easier read than done I know that’s why putting in consistent self work is so important. It’s just like posting and reposting motivational quotes online, thats soooo easy but are you actually modeling that energy and information? When the hype settles online who are you offline? What are you doing when no one is watching? This is why I am so big on unplugging, reflecting, and always ensuring that I am doing the work because I pride myself on integrity and being a woman who teaches by being. Social Media can bring about many uncertainties, facades, and even tamper with your well being if you allow it to but if you are constantly learning, reflecting, and being true to yourself you’re at least certain to bring healthy and authentic vibrations to  your online community.

Here’s a few tips:

  1. Be inspired but don’t copy
  2. Use it as your own personal canvas or resume
  3. Bring your own truth and flavor but be cautious
  4. Follow accounts that inspire and challenge you
  5. Engage with your community and let them know they’re not alone
  6. Congratulate people and all that you admire about what they’re doing and their platform – not just your family or personal friends
  7. Find a balance – the goal is to really be winning not look like you’re winning so be sure to channel your energy where it needs to go when it needs to go
  8. Unplug when you need to – set your intentions for social media or else you will eventually realize you are consuming too much information too frequently (What days and or times will you use it?)
  9. Stay connected with the people in your actual life by contacting and checking in on  them offline
  10. Stop overthinking and ask people for help (Find someone who will do Social Media with you)
  11. Determine what season you are in your life and be ok with that – everyone’s assignment is different
  12. Decide what you need to work on for yourself and do that
  13. Never let anyone dim your light but also be caring to your community – you never know who’s watching   


It can be a joyous place for you and it may take practice and discipline to get there and that’s ok. Self-care isn’t always easy! Continue to put your best foot forward every time and that will always be enough for the right people. Focus so that you can get a grip on your attitude and jealousy; seek to find and discover your place in the universe and don’t be afraid to get help in the process. Someone needs what you have to offer on and offline so simply be you and decide how you want to show up for them while staying true to yourself and your boundaries. We are all fighting battles that some people won’t and don’t need to know about so use your discernment and give yourself and others grace. You don’t know how hard someone may have fought to get where they are on their journey nor do you know what false perception someone may be giving to the world. Learn from others but discover who and what aligns with you. It’s ok to walk away from what doesn’t serve you online. Remain intentional and stand firmly on your boundaries while doing the work.

Lastly and most importantly, do not feel obligated to show up here when you mentally can’t do so. Protect and take care of you first. 

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With Love,

Vantasia Chantel


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