Girl! I was terrified about a chemical peel because I’m not a fan of chemicals, medications, or any unnatural substances or procedures. Especially on my face! I did massive research before doing this and got as much feedback as possible. Please do it at your discretion. This video series is only to share my journey and thoughts on the peel (it works) and is a process even after the peeling is complete. I didn’t realize how bad my face was before, in my opinion until I started seeing the results. My face is glowing and looking more flawless but still requires work as anything else. My first peel was in March and my second was done in April. The 3rd and final one for me was intended to be in May but with working and crazy schedules, I kept putting it off and finally had it done this past October. I received the “Mild Jessner Chemical Peel” by the way each time.

My first two peels were completed at Emory Aesthetician Center and the third one was done at Northside Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa both with licensed aesthetician Dannette!

Check out “Part 1” of the process where I speak a little about my journey, being more transparent, and consult with my aesthetician before getting started the 3rd time around