Hey Boss Babes!

I am so sorry for the delays. Blogging can be very time consuming especially when incorporating vlogs! However, I did want to deliver the final part, (part 3) of the chemical peel process. Just a recap.. My first chemical peel ever was in March 2019 and i’ve added a before picture in the video. The video is a little short and not exactly all that I wanted it to entail but I figured something was better than nothing for this specific matter. This last chemical peel took foreverrrr. It usually takes 7 days but not this time; it wasn’t until the 9th day that I felt free. I got super irritable this time around which was no fun and my content didn’t come out at all the way I hoped for it to. But!! No excuses, I’ve enjoyed the process of sharing this part of me, editing the videos, creating these posts, and learning how to get better. This part of my brand is all for fun and I’m super ready to get to the fun stuff! I have so many topics that I want to write and vlog about. 

If you have any questions regarding the peel please feel free to reach out to me and i’d be happy to share any further details. Also if you have any skin care suggestions please share! I’m considering trying out CBD products and other natural/healthier routines to keep my skin up! You can check out my “COLLABS” highlight via instagram (@vantasiachantel) to see my visit with “The Butter Bar Skincare”, they did an amazing ALL natural facial recently and I HIGHLY recommend!

Thank you all for your support and I’m looking forward to growing with you all!


Location: Northside Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa

Aesthetician: Dannette 

Face wash: Cetaphil (I only recommend this facewash for this process as it is a gentle cleanser and the chemical peel can already be a bit harsh on the skin)

Moisturizer: Revision Skincare – Multi-Protection Broad -Spectrum SPF 50



Vantasia Chantel