Now! Get a Free assessment from Vantasia!

Now! Get a Free assessment from Vantasia!

My coaching style is a synergistic relationship between a coach and a client designed to assist with discovering their potential and actualizing their visions for themselves, I do this specifically by taking women who are serious about taking action through a proven system step-by-step that allows them to simplify, succeed, and shine in their lives. As a passionate and thorough mentor, professional, and coach I take pride in the process of helping women define their goals and produce results in their personal lives or with their style; but most often they both intertwine. 

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Empowerment Coaching

Personal Growth l Self Discovery l Mindfulness

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Feeling unfulfilled and extreme burn out? Here I will provide you with my results driven resources, skills, and intuitive direction to help you discover, become self-aware and be more intentional in your life and personal endeavors. This will create the ultimate inner beauty and happiness within you. If you are struggling with identity and on a quest for self-discovery and personal development, inquire today to learn more about the investments of this package!

Style Sold Separately

Personal Branding & Image Consulting

Brand Style l Personal Appearance l Development

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Did you know that it takes 10 seconds or less to make a first impression and first impressions set the tone for the rest of your conversations and experiences on and offline? Not only does it allow others to gain a great impression of you, it allows you to feel good about you. I want to help you create a sense of style and an image that lasts and speaks for itself. If you are need of polishing up your resume, online portfolios/profiles, or your personal appearance, inquire today to learn more about the investments of this package!

VC Elite

Reviews shall be furnished on demand 

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Take EVERYTHING to another level and release fear of being the total package! This offer combines the best of Life and Style Coaching and Consulting. The synergy of the two enables you to create the ultimate impact in your life and on your environments!


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